"The Mission of The Arc of Camden County is to collaborate with and enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities and our community."

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How The Arc Has Helped Me:

  • Without the Arc of Camden County, I would probably be not so sociable and probably a little bit lonely. I would recommend The Arc to someone because they provide so many different kinds of services and there's a lot going on. I feel that I've really reached out a lot! – Mark, Cherry Hill 

    There’s a lot going on!

  • The Arc has really improved my life greatly. I was at the end of my rope because I was so bored of sitting in my house. Even though I was learning to walk again, I still didn't have enough to do for my sense of mind. But by coming to The Arc of Camden County, I got back into the groove of working with people, how to do jobs, and how to use my mind and my hands again. – Mike, Pine Hill, NJ

    Improvement of life…